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[odra_agency title=”DEARLY BELOVED IN CHRIST,” heading_tag=”h4″ description=”New Year greetings to all of you. God has been gracious upon us and let us be grateful for the ways He has led us thus far.
As St. Marks family let us commence this new year with a focus on God and His ways. It is nothing but the mercy of almighty God that has brought us safely to the threshold of 2022. Let us be thankful to our gracious father, for having provided all His goodness in abundance upon our parish, families, and individuals on each day of 2021. As we receive another year of life from God, Let us prepare ourselves to make the new year more meaningful. Let us submit ourselves and all that he has given us into his mighty hands.
Let us try to celebrate 2022 as Family enriching year. Let us try to give more importance to our own families and prepare our next generation for quality family life. Through our year parish activities, and many enriching family-building activities, family members develop stronger bonds with each other, and all families learn how to make their relationships healthier and happier. With this focus our new executive committee will chart this year programs and will inform you all as early as possible.”]
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[odra_agency heading_tag=”h6″ description=”The preparations for the Maramon convention that will be held in the second week of February are fast progressing. Earnest prayers are solicited from all of you for the blessed conduct of this year convention that has always witnessed the steadfast faith and has proclaimed the firm convictions our forefathers’ hope and pray that the convention may be a blessing to the mar Thoma church and to the members all around the World.
The great Lent begins on 29th of February. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. By observing the 50days of Lent, let us replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. Lent is marked by fasting, both from food and festivities. More than just abstaining from certain food items lent should be considered as a time for renewing our spirits and rejuvenating our minds by setting apart more time for reading and studying the Word of God. The Lenten season prepares us and spiritually equips us to lead a life pleasing to God. It is a good practice to fast or to refrain from consuming certain food items and use the money that we save for charity. By doing this we spread the love of God to the ones in need. We propose to conduct sandhyanamaskaram on 50 days of lent. I request the prayerful participation of all those who can spare some time in the evening. The details shall be updated later.”]
[odra_agency alignment=”right” heading_tag=”h4″ description=”Our Sunday school children and teachers are preparing for their Mid- term examination to be held on January 16th.I request all the parents to make sure that your children study their lessons well. Sunday school lessons are the foundations upon which their faith should be based on and learning the word of God should be considered as a matter of utmost importance. Kindly make conscious efforts to make your children attend the Sunday school and church worship services regularly.

By God’s grace we have been able to visit 90 % of families till date. It is quite essential to know each member of the church for our ministry to be more effective. I hope that within the next few months we will be able to visit all of you and pray together. Kindly let me know when it is convenient so that we can visit you.
It is a time of the year when the organizations of the parish hold their annual general body meeting. Let this be a time to look back, re-evaluate and be open to changes wherever needed. As the new office bearers and committee members take up responsibilities, let the prayer be-show me your ways O lord, and guide me your paths.
Wish you every blessing from above for a blessed new year Yours in His service
Sam Lukose Kulakkada Achan”]

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[odra_testimonial description=”May the Lord Bless and bestow His peace on each one. With prayers and lots of love,
” author=”Sam Lukose Achen/(Vicar) “]

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