About Yuvajana Sakhyam

[odra_agency alignment=”center” title=”ABOUT YUVAJANA SAKHYAM” heading_tag=”h2″ description=”The Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam is organized with a view that all the young people in the Church should accept Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord, and bear witness to His saving power. It was organized in 1933 with Rev. V P Mammen as its first President.

Branches of the Sakhyam were set up in the Parishes with a four-fold program: WORSHIP, STUDY, WITNESS, and SERVICE. The Sakhyam publishes two monthly magazines called Mar Thoma Yuvadeepam and Ripples with articles of interest to the youth and with focus on the needs of the Church and Society. It also contains Bible reading notes for daily devotional study. The Sakhyam also publishes an annual calendar.

The branch of the Sakhyam at the St. Mark’s Church was inaugurated in 2009. The Sakhyam provides incentive for the development of the varied talents of young people by organizing studies on topics of current interest, and competition in sports, games, and cultural activities. Gospel tours are arranged to mission centers so that the young people get a firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of the mission fields.”]

[odra_agency alignment=”right” title=”OBJECTIVES” heading_tag=”h4″ author_style=”author_style_2″ description=”– To help the youth of the Mar Thoma Church to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
– To help the youth of the church to grow in to the wholeness of Christ.
– To train the youth of the Church in worship and the fellowship of Christian life.
– To give participation to the youth in the mission of the Church.
– To grow love towards the Church and faith in the Christian values and to help the overall growth of the Church and its organization.
– To organize camps, meetings, discussions, classes to increase the knowledge and experience of youth in the Holy Bible, church’s faith and practice, Ecumenism and in current social affairs.
– To equip the youth in worship, study, witness and Service to fulfill the above objectives. “]
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