About Sunday School

[odra_agency alignment=”center” title=”ABOUT SUNDAY SCHOOL” heading_tag=”h2″ description=”The Diocesan Sunday School is affiliated to the Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam headquartered in Thiruvalla, Kerala, India. The Diocesan Sunday School is divided into eight regions and then into centers. There are 56 Sunday Schools consisting of over 4000 students and 660 teachers. The Sunday schools in this Diocese follows a curriculum developed by this diocese.

Classes are conducted from Nursery to Teachers Training. The Diocesan examination is conducted in the month of the May and students from 5th Grade through 10th Grade participate in this examination. Plaques and certificates are given for those who attain good grades in this examination. The Zones and Regions conducts Conferences, teacher retreats and camps for the fellowship of the teachers and students.

The Regions also conduct Regional competitions in Singing, Elocution and Bible quiz. The students also participate in various fund raising activities for charity and support some missions in India. The VBS is another activity of the Sunday school during summer and the Diocesan Sunday school decides on the VBS curriculum.”]

[odra_agency alignment=”right” title=”OBJECTIVES” heading_tag=”h4″ author_style=”author_style_2″ description=”– To give students deeper understanding of the Bible
– To help students develop Christian values and grow in maturity
– To enable students to hear God’s call and respond to God’s love revealed through Jesus Christ
– To understand oneself and one’s destiny. Who I am and the meaning and purpose of my life within the purpose of God
– To enable the students to be useful to God and fellow beings
– To guide the students to face everyday life situations and to live a life committed to Jesus Christ
– To build up a community of believers to transform society, drawing the power from the Word of God
– To enable the teacher to also avail all the aforementioned benefits”]
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