About Prayer Group

[odra_agency alignment=”center” title=”ABOUT PRAYER GROUP” heading_tag=”h2″ description=”Due to the expansive congregation, the prayer group is divided into two areas, dependent upon where the majority of the members reside. Each prayer group has a prayer meeting every month, where members of that specific prayer group come together to worship, have a Bible study, and pray fervently, and have fellowship. Our Church has two prayer groups (Brandon area and Tampa area) and each family is assigned to one of these groups based on their geographical location. These monthly meetings are held in homes of those members who have requested and opened up their homes for these meetings.”]
[odra_agency alignment=”right” title=”OBJECTIVES” heading_tag=”h4″ author_style=”author_style_2″ description=”– A smaller group meeting which is more involved in intercessory prayers.
– Involved in praise and worship.
– Provides a more personal and interactive setting for members to get more involved.
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