Vicar's Bio

Rev. Sam Lukose Kulakkada has been clergy of Mar Thoma church for the last 17 years. He completed his BA from Kerala University. He then continued his studies and obtained a Bachelors in Divinity and Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy from Serampore University. His services in the ministry are as follows: - 4 years as Vicar in Maramon Mar Thoma Church - 5 years as Director of Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan Memorial Hospital in the Guidance and Counseling Center & as Vicar of the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church - 4 years in Adoor Diocese as Family Counselor and Vicar of Kallelibhagom & Aynivalikkulangara Mar Thoma Church.

Parsonage Address: 13048 Terrace Springs Dr, Tampa 33637
Home: (813) 774-8855 Cell: (813) 952-6218