From the Vicar's Desk


It is indeed great blessing to have fellowship with our Triune God- God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The third quarter is awaiting different Conferences and events in the church calendar.
We, St. Marks church family have started with the collection of the Parish Hall which should be constructed in the near future. I encourage all the families to participate wholeheartedly and step up in this urgent need to have a multipurpose fellowship space for our parish.
I congratulate and wish God’s choicest blessings to all students who graduated and upgraded in their studies. September 1st Sunday we celebrate Sevika Sangham Day and 3rd Sunday of September we celebrate Senior Fellowship Day.

As we are approaching the Sevika Sangham Day, I would like to meditate upon one of the Women’s book of the Bible, Ruth meaning ‘beauty’. The author of the book is anonymous, some point to Samuel and some others ascribe Isaiah. Ruth the great-grandmother of David was included in the genealogy of Jesus (Math 1:1,5). Redemption is a key concept throughout the book which occurred 23 times. Ruth’s mother-in-law Naomi (my pleasant one) who lost her husband and two sons in Moab and then she comes back to her native place Bethlehem (House of Bread) and there finds a redeemer in Boaz (fleetness/ celerity/ quickness/ rapidity). From the story of Ruth I would like to draw two life values:
1. Sharing Zone:
As a destitute widow, Naomi had little to offer to her daughters-in law. Thus she asked them to go back their mother’s house (1:8-13). Orpah kissed her mother-in-law and departed to her home (1:14). But Ruth clung to her mother-in-law and said, “Your people will be my people and your God my God.” (1: 16 & 17). Ruth was showing her love and compassion to Naomi and shared her life for a better cause. Then Ruth bore a son, the grandfather of King David. Jesus Christ, her great grand Son also shared His life for many. Let our hearts and homes be sharing zones for a better cause with love and commitment.

2. Safety Zone:
Ruth and Naomi were in need of protection. They could survive through gleaning from the harvested field of Boaz. In Boaz she found a “kinsman redeemer.” When a Hebrew was forced to sell his inheritance due to poverty, the nearest relative was to redeem it for him (Lev.25:25). Boaz agreed to redeem Ruth and her ancestral property on account of her sacrificial sharing towards Naomi (2:11&12). Boaz worked honorably to redeem Ruth and made her his wife. He then provided for her and Naomi. Our ultimate refuge is in the Lord Himself (Ps. 46:1). However, He wants to use us as instruments to provide a Safety Zone for others.
Dearly beloved, as Ruth and Boaz were being used as Sharing and Safety Zones, let our hearts and homes be used as blessing for many who are in need of love and compassion.
May the Almighty Lord use us as effective instruments for the extension of His Kingdom.

May the Lord Bless and bestow His peace on each one. With prayers and lots of love,

- Skaria Mathew Achen/(Vicar)