Executive Committee Members

[odra_heading title=”EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS” heading_tag=”h2″ description=”Meet the St. Mark’s Mar Thoma Church Executive Committee Members”]
[odra_team image=”2667″ name=”SAMUEL J THATTAMANNIL” position=”Vice President” href=”“http://marthoma.in/bishops/His%20Grace%20The%20Valiya%20Metropolitan“” align=”left”]
[odra_team image=”2306″ name=”MATHEW VERGHESE” position=”Secretary” align=”center”]
[odra_team image=”2292″ name=”ABRAHAM CHACKO (BABU)” position=”Treasurer” align=”right”]
[odra_team image=”2667″ name=”JOHN V ABRAHAM” position=”Accountant” align=”left”]
[odra_team image=”2276″ name=”JACOB VALLIYIL” position=”Lay Ministrants : Malayalam”]
[odra_team image=”2667″ name=”AZEL JOE” position=”Lay Ministrants : English” align=”center”]
[odra_team image=”2263″ name=”SUSY GEORGE” position=”Prayer Group Rep : Brandon Area” align=”right”]
[odra_team image=”2266″ name=”MATHEW MATHEW” position=”Prayer Group Rep : Tampa Area” align=”left”]
[odra_team image=”2288″ name=”SIBY GEORGE” position=”Sunday School Rep” align=”center”]
[odra_team image=”2266″ name=”MANOJ MATHEW” position=”Choir Rep” align=”right”]
[odra_team image=”2667″ name=”JUSTIN JOHN MATHEW” position=”Yuvajana Sakhyam Rep” align=”left”]
[odra_team image=”2266″ name=”ABIN JACOB” position=”Youth Fellowship Rep” align=”center”]
[odra_team image=”2287″ name=”PREENA THOMAS” position=”Sevika Sangham Rep” align=”right”]
[odra_team image=”2274″ name=”M. ABRAHAM” position=”Edavaka Mission Rep” align=”left”]
[odra_team image=”2266″ position=”Sabha Mandalam” align=”center”]
[odra_team image=”2266″ position=”Diocesan Assembly”]
[odra_team image=”2233″ name=”THOMAS ABRAHAM (MONI)” position=”Auditor”]
[odra_team image=”2266″ name=”AARON THOMAS” position=”Auditor”]

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