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[odra_agency alignment=”center” title=”ABOUT YOUTH FELLOWSHIP” heading_tag=”h2″ description=”The Mar Thoma Youth Fellowship envisages in equipping the second generation youth of the diocese to grow in Jesus Christ and to engage them in the mission of the church through the four foundations: Witness, Worship, Study, and Service.

The Diocesan Youth Fellowship (DYF) is leading in the Youth Ministry of the Diocese, along with coordinating the youth ministry on the regional, center, and parish levels. It is this committee’s hopes and prayers that the Diocesan Youth Fellowship will continue to grow and grasp the glory of God.

The DYF focuses on the spiritual growth of the youth, to grow in the knowledge and relationship with the Lord, and to accept Him as Lord and Savior. This is done through Christian fellowship, worship, bible study, and witness.

The DYF also encourages youths to participate and lead in the different ministries on the parish level, and also in L.E.A.D., Altar Boys / Covenant Girls, Sunday School, Native American Mission, Neighborhood Mission, Mexico Mission, and India Mission. Members of the Church who are between the ages of 12 and 35 are eligible for membership in the youth fellowship. “]

[odra_agency alignment=”right” title=”OBJECTIVES” heading_tag=”h4″ author_style=”author_style_2″ description=”– Help the youth of the Mar Thoma Church accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
– Help youth grow into the maturity and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
– Equip youth for Christian fellowship and worship life.
– Facilitate youth to develop loyalty to the church and participate in the growth of various organizations and institutions in the church.
– Equip youth to participate in the mission of the church.
– Organize seminars, classes, workshops, conferences, etc.. to create in youth interest in Bible studies, faith and practices of the Church, history of the Church, and ecumenical relationships. “]
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