Vicar's Bio

From a young age, Rev. Joykutty Daniel’s life entailed various influences that led to him joining the ordained ministry. Through dedication and prayer from his family, to the influences of his Sunday School teachers and encouragement from his church family, alongside the influence of his father, who was the Sunday School headmaster, Rev. Joykutty Daniel began his life of ministry. He became a deacon on June 21, 2004, and then was ordained as a minister on July 2, 2004. Achen belongs to Paravila Vadakkethil family, from Mylom, Kottarakkara, where his home parish was Bethel Mar Thoma Church. Both he and his wife, Bincy Daniel, have two children- Meeval Raechal Joy and Dhyaan Daniel Joy.

Rev. Joykutty Daniel has served in a plethora of parishes throughout his ministry. From 2004 to 2007, Achen was a part of the Mumbai-Delhi Diocese, where he served at Immanuel MTC Baruch, Jerusalem MTC Angaleswar, Salem MTC Banswara, Dungarpur Congregation, and Ratlam Congregation. During the next three years, he served under the Trivandrum-Kollam Diocese at St. Thomas MTC Velloorkonam, Trinity MTC Kuryathi, Jerusalem MTC Kurupuzha, and Bethel MTC Vithura. Finally, before coming to Florida, from 2010 to 2014, Achen served at Perinadu MTC Inchavila, Bethel MTC Perungalam, and Marthoma Dhyaanatheeram Perungalam.

Rev. Joykutty Daniel has envisioned various goals for his parishioners, including, but not limited to, wanting to make sure that their spiritual development continues to grow, alongside a sense of unity amongst all members. He also wishes to draw attention to the special concern for those who are sick and needy, and to serve among all people without any boundaries.